About ME



I am a dedicated freelance graphic designer with extensive experience working for a variety of top brands, including KPN, Philips and ABN AMRO.


I can offer my clients a wide-ranging skill set: from illustration to advertising, typography to print and web design, up to creating and executing entire corporate identities.


My artistic career dates back to my childhood in Germany. From a very young age, I kept myself busy with art and sketching. At just 13, I followed a painting class run by a Polish artist, and soon after I began showing my work – large-scale surrealist still life oil paintings – in several exhibitions. I continued on that path until I left my hometown to study graphic design at the School of Art in Kassel, and later completed my BA at St. Joost School of Art & Design. After graduating, I worked at several design agencies in the Netherlands before embarking on a freelance career. 


Lately, besides my work I devote much of my time to my two children, who are four and ten years old.

You can often find us at the beach!